Condo exchange Pattaya trade in your existing property Thailand

We offer a great, hassle free upgrade program with our condo exchange allowing you to swap your property

Advantages of condo exchange of your property with us:

  • Keen to buy but unable to sell?

  • No need to find a real estate agent to sell your property

  • Quick and hassle free

  • Avoid agents’ fees

  • Condo swap exchange to a larger space

  • Upgrade to a better location

  • Upgrade to a fully refurbished property

  • Finance options available

  • Existing payments on our Easy Payment Plans carried over to your new property


Condo swap exchange Pattaya & Upgrade your apartment hassle free way to climb the property ladder

If you already own a property but are looking to move, perhaps you need more space, would like to be in a different area or just fancy a change, then here at Rent Buy Thailand we can help you with a property upgrade Pattaya!

We offer the option of condo exchange of your existing property for a property in our portfolio.  If your new property is of a higher value, you would only have the balance to pay after you swap your existing condo with us (which could be done via an easy payment plan).


If you already have an easy payment plan with us and at any point you wish to upgrade your condo, you have the option to do so within our large portfolio. 

A major advantage of this is that any payments you have already made towards your current condo are carried forward towards your new apartments - making this an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your property and to continue with your existing payment plan (perhaps just extending the length of the plan, or increasing your monthly payments, if your new condo is of a higher purchase price).

Condo exchange allows you to always be where you want to be in the condo you want to be in! With our condo swap exchange program it could not be easier to relocate to your new property upgrade Pattaya.


property upgrade pattaya - swap your existing apartments for one of our fantastic properties

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