Investment property with up to a fantastic 8% return invest in Thailand

More and more people are joining the trend - instead of keeping their money in banks where a majority are only offering around 3% interest on savings, they are looking for somewhere to invest their hard earned money for a better return. We offer just that! With 8% per annum, hassle free ROI can be paid monthly and all property investment in Thailand are tailored to suit your financial criteria - we take care of all the leg work so all you have to do is collect your money. 

We have been dealing in Real Estate Thailand successfully for over a decade and have a large selection of property investment in Thailand available  - and have the correct experience and infrastructure necessary to look after your investment property.

Reasons to invest in Thailand:

  • Capital appreciation.

The property markets long term growth has a high potential, driven by the country’s stable political environment, promising economy, high urbanization rate and growing population and tourism industry making a great reason to invest in thailand property.

  • Rental yields.

With the increasing inflow of foreign investment, more expatriates and local professionals are expected to relocate to Thailand’s major cities, which promises good rental yields for property owners looking to invest in Pattaya property.

  • Tourism paradise.

As a popular tourist destination, and with major ASIAN cities being located within a short flight, Thailand is an ideal place for vacationers and retirees from all over the world as it has something for everyone and is the reason why many expats are looking to invest in property Pattaya Thailand.

  • Affordability.

Investment property Pattaya offers high-end residential options with a full suite of complimentary facilities, good locations, and convenient accessibility. Properties here are very affordable, compared to its regional peers. The property market in Pattaya is very stable, because foreign investors cannot get a mortgage here, which obviously avoids a bubble - because of the high influx of tourists the rental income is quite high.

Immediate return on property investment in Thailand - collect money in 1 months time

Property investment in Thailand massive yield gauranteed if looking to invest in Pattaya

Invest in Thailand with a large selection of popular residential areas available

  1. We find the best investment property for your budget

  2. We take care of all the leg work allowing you to watch your property investment in Thailand grow.

  3. You collect your investment gained each month

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So if you are looking to invest in Thailand then get in touch with one of our agents who are online 24 hours a day 7 days a week or call our number at the bottom of page. Our agents are ready to assist you with any questions you may have regarding invest in Thailand property we have an experienced team with a wealth of knowledge in the real estate sector here in Thailand and look forward to assisting you invest in Pattaya property.

Invest in Thailand property and recieve your gained interest each month from your Pattaya investment properties

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