Mortgage with Pattaya property finance plan to help buy Thai real estate

  • Rent to Own a Condo with Pattaya property finance

  • Mortgage financing with easy Flexible Payment Plans

  • Owner Contract with a flexible easy payment plan

  • Whatever your budget, we can work with you to find a payment plan to suit your needs

There are many tourists and expatriates who would like to buy a condo in Pattaya but do not have enough funds yet to make a purchase, need to sell their existing home first, or a number of other reasons.

We offer a solution that is rare for Pattaya and Thailand and does not require a mortgage, which is very difficult or impossible to qualify for in Thailand (as a foreigner).

How it works:
For many our 'rent to own' program is the best option to purchase your condo because of the easy payment plans we can offer our clients to spread the cost over a number of years helping you purchase your Thai real estate .

Our property finance Pattaya options are tailored to suit your financial criteria.

Initially a down-payment is agreed (this is usually around 30%, but this could be more or less, depending on your budget) - you will then receive the keys to your condo.  This is followed by easy monthly payments over an agreed time-frame (usually three to five years, but again this is flexible depending on your requirements), to cover the remained of the cost of the condo.

In reality this means that a condo buyer may be able to purchase a One Million Thai Baht condo for 300,000 Thai Baht, and then make easy monthly payments of between 12,000 to 20,000 Thai Baht per month, depending on the length of the term.

Or perhaps you want to purchase a 4.5 Million Baht condominium but you only have 3.5 Million Baht available - we can finance the remaining one million, allowing you to pay the balance in monthly installments.

Whatever your budget, we can work with you to find a Pattaya property finance plan to suit your needs.

Our flexible rent to buy programs make it easier than ever for you to purchase your very own condo as they are tailored to your needs - whether for an investment, holidays or as your permanent home in Thailand.

You can choose to to pay a large down payment followed by small installments each month, or a small down payment and larger monthly installments - both options lead to you owning your own apartment.

You could be in paradise easier than you think - come join the ever growing expat community enjoying Thailand.

Rent to Own a Condo with owner finance Pattaya - easy buy Thailand!




  • No bank qualifying required to start owning.

  • With just a down payment you will be able to get on the property ladder (the initial down payment is flexible depending on your budget and time scale you would like to complete payments).

  • We do not handle condominiums off plan due to the high percentage that do not get completed (which leaves buyers only with an artists impression of what it might have been like!), or take many years to be ready after their stated completion dates. We would rather sell something that already exists.

  • The existing units we have available are all completed to a high standard and fully furnished so you will be able to move in straight away.

  • Our properties are also suitable for lettings, which we could help arrange, and the revenue from renting your apartment out could help cover the costs of your monthly payments.

  • Whatever your budget, we can work with you to find a payment plan to suit your needs.

  • Our team help every step of the way and also provide an aftercare service - additionally offering future upgrades or relocation on any of our condos available.

If you would like to know more about our property finance Pattaya programs please contact us:



With a flexible payment plan, if at any point you wish to change/upgrade your condo - perhaps you would like a larger property or an alternative location -  you have the option to do so within our large portfolio.  The benefit of this being that any payments you have made towards your current condo are carried over towards a new condo, making this an easy and cost effective way to upgrade your property and to continue with your existing flexible payment plan (perhaps just extending the length of the plan if your new condo is of a higher purchase price).

See here for information on upgrading/exchanging your condo:

  • If you are interested in a property, a small deposit can secure it for you and allow us to take it off the market. We will then work out the best plan for you within your financial criteria, including the down-payment, monthly payments and the time frame of the plan.


  • Agreements can then be drawn up and both party's sign the contract. Once the agreed down-payment is received then the keys for your new condo are handed over for you to move in, or do as you please.


  • We can help you to own your very own condo with our Pattaya property finance, allowing you to enjoy Thailand! Once payments for your condo are completed you will own your own condo! We can also guide you through every process, including helping you set up banking and other resources in Thailand if required.


  • We can also offer help with future upgrades of your condo, including upgrading to a larger apartment or alternative location in the future - we can easily help your relocation within our large portfolio of properties.


Property finance Pattaya available with our flexible payment plan mortgage to own Thai real estate


Owning a Condominium as a Foreigner 

A condominium is the simplest option to own property in Thailand, as 49% of the internal area of a condominium building (excluding common areas) can be assigned to be owned by foreigners. 


Once you have decided on the property you would like, you can put down a deposit to show your good faith to continue the process.  We will then reserve the property for you and start the process by drafting the contracts for purchase or your easy-payment plan.

Review of Contracts

Once we have prepared the contracts you will be able to review and sign once you are satisfied. 


A Chanote (Title Deed) ensures easy transfer of property - one original set is kept in the District Land Office where the registration of land transfer takes place, and the other original set is given to the owner.

For the duration of an easy-payment plan, if requested, the Chanote can be deposited with Magna Carta, a very reputable, and one of the largest, law firms in Pattaya.

View our range of properties here available with owner finance Pattaya:

Get in touch with our agents now! Who are online 24 hours a day 7 days a week for full information regarding our Pattaya property finance program. Easy process to get yourself on the Thai property ladder with owner finance Pattaya and enjoy your new lifestyle here with us in Pattaya Thailand.

Owner finance pattaya easy way to get a mortgage to own property - Thai real estate

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